Sunday, December 6, 2009

Virus & Spyware Issues...ARGH!!!

Our home computer is having some serious issues! Since the Saturday following Thanksgiving, we have had nothing but problems. I was ready to yank the computer off the desk and chuck it. I was up until 4 am one morning trying to run a scan of our computer. After seeing some of the problems, I didn't dare leave the computer and check it in the morning! The scan took over 4 hours!!!

I think I was able to get rid of the virus but now we are having spyware issues. I can no longer get on the internet without different pop-ups that I don't dare touch. If you get any kind of a pop-up that says you have a virus and to run a scan...make sure it's your anti-virus program or you could be infecting your computer and paying a lot of money for a scam. I did not fall for that but got the virus just by closing the window that popped up.

Now it looks like we will be paying someone to fix it. Needless to say, my blog is a slow work in progress. Not having access to the home computer is making it extremely difficult to decorate it up for Christmas as I'd like to. The house is all beautified and I would like my blog to greet you all decked out as well. I cannot get the banner changed on my hubbies computer. ARGH!! I'm not a very happy girl right now and I'm really not looking forward to paying someone to fix the issues!

Tell me why I have McAfee anti-virus program when they are not catching these issues. It seems to think all is well with our home computer. After talking to a live representative, she informed me that they usually only catch about 50% of the viruses and such out there. 50%!!! Oh, but get this! They can have someone fix the problem in about 25-30 minutes for the low cost of $89.99!!! What! Your anti-virus protection program didn't work for me and now you want me to pay you to fix it!! Why didn't you catch it in the first place!!! Isn't that their job! I'm in the wrong business.

Okay. Enough ranting for now. Just wanted you all to know why my blog looks the way it does and why I haven't posted any more of the photo's I promised. Hopefully soon we'll be up and running at normal speed, virus and spy-ware free!