Saturday, August 30, 2008

June 27 - July 5, 2008 Visit with my Sister & Co photos

The end of June through July 5, my Sister Lindsay, her hubbie Paul & little Capri came for a visit. We had a great time! The weather was beautiful. We were able to go to the park, hang out at mom and dad's, have strawberry margarita's in the hot summer sun, celebrate the 4th and reconnect. The time always goes so quickly but we cherish our time together. I'm sure that Kim, mom and Lindsay have more photo's that could be added. Miss ya Lindsay!

June 2008 - San Juan Island, Lonesome Cove Cabin

Just getting these posted! Got so many other pictures from this summer to post as well. We had so much fun in the San Juan's. We also went to Roche Harbor but I don't have pictures of those. I'll have to get those from mom.

Jack and I got to go on a date for dinner. How romantic! Thanks mom and dad! We had so much fun as a family and it was sooo relaxing there. More summer pictures to follow!