Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scared of Sharks?

There is a great inspirational movie coming out next month that's on our list to see. Soul Surfer, the movie, is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton and her encounter with a tiger shark while surfing.

The film features AnnaSophia Robb as she protrays Bethany Hamilton in her fight to recover and get back on the waves. Bethany had a natural talent to surf so her world was shaken after this shark attack. Also starring, Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as her loving parents & the talented musician, Carrie Underwood, as her youth group leader. Sounds like a great cast to me!

Included in the movie are two songs performed by Britt Nicole who is a favorite music artist of Madison. Britt Nicole has thought-provoking lyrics that she tends to write with specific people in mind but that are applicable to all.

Bethany Hamilton is a great role model for daughters and has several books available that would be good to add to your daughters library. Go here to watch the trailer of this must see movie that will be in theatres everywhere on April 8th!