Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Movie Night

Have you seen or heard about any of the Family Movie Nights movies that Proctor & Gamble and Walmart have been showing? We have been able to watch several of the movies. The most recent movie "Truth Be Told" starred Candace Cameron Bure (from the TV series "Full House") who played the role of a Marriage Counselor. All of the movies that we have seen have been geared for the entire family to watch.

They have a new movie, "Field of Vision", that will be shown on Saturday, June 11th at 8/7c. It's a compelling story about the challenges and rewards in doing the right thing and stars Faith Ford (from the sitcom "Hope and Faith"). Looks like a great movie for our kids! You can see a preview here.

According to the Family Movie Nights webpage:

"Walmart and P&G have partnered to create the Family Moments initiative to help moms and families better connect with each other. Family Movie Night is a part of that movement to provide meaningful entertainment for the entire family.

During Family Movie Night, you can be confident that the programming on their screens will be fun and action-packed, without the worry of having to dive for the remote to change the channel when inappropriate ads or other content comes on. Soundtracks for the films also feature top producers and artists. The day after airing, a special 2-disc DVD/CD bonus pack will be available for purchase exclusively through Walmart.

By providing this block of time, Walmart and P&G are striving to reconnect families across the country that are bombarded by busy schedules and the lack of programming that's appealing to everyone. Tune in and see what the buzz is about."

Mark your calendars and sit down with the entire family for a good quality movie. We actually enjoyed the humorous commercials as much as the movie! Pop some popcorn, add some hot tamale candy (something my mom always does :~)) and lay out a blanket with pillows to make some memories with your kids!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Reading Programs = free books

It's getting closer to summer! I don't know about you but I'm ready for some sunshine and some down time for the kids. We haven't had much of a Spring and I'm ready to start wearing Capri's and T-shirts! I am so tired of sweaters and jeans. The kids are so ready for a break from homework and reports. Bring on the sunshine and summer!

The one thing my kids have always loved is the summer reading programs that are offered by local book stores. My oldest is getting too old for them though! Bummer!! Why do they have to grow up so quickly!? There are several bookstores that participate and who doesn't love a free book!

Borders has the Double-Dog Dare Challenge for kids 12 and under to read 10 books and get one FREE! Go here to print the form and here to see a list of books that your child can select from for their FREE book.

They have the Imagination's Destination Summer Reading Program. Kids read any 8 books and record them in the journal. You can download the form and see the list of free books that they can choose from here. They also have some activity pages you can download for both parents and educators.

Last year Half Price Books offered a Summer Reading Program called Feed Your Brain. I couldn't find any information on their website with summer's 2011 information. So, check their website in a week or two and you should be able to find out the details. Last year, the program gave out free Half Price Books gift cards to kids who read for 15 minutes or more each day for at least 5 days. Seemed like a great program but we did not take advantage of this one since it's not in our immediate neighborhood.

Chuck E. Cheese offers many incentive program. Kids can earn 10 tokens for reading every day for 2 weeks. Go here to see a list of all the programs that they offer and to print the reading log. They have logs from "potty training" to "no nose picking" where kids can earn FREE tokens! Seriously!!

Check out your local library because most libraries offer a summer reading program. Our library offers a free book as well as a chance to put your name in for several different drawings like a $50 gift certificate to the mall or a giant stuffed animal.

If you would like to quickly print off some free bookmarks, go here or here and then print them on cardstock. Cut out the bookmarks, punch a hole in the top and then tie on some yarn or funky ribbon. Your kids will love having a new bookmark that you've quickly handcrafted for them!

Reading is a great way for kids to soar! They get to experience adventures, solve mysteries and learn in the process. Shh! Don't tell them about that last part. Help your kids develop a love of reading and reward them this summer by participating in one or more of the summer reading programs!