Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 2009 Family Photo's

Wow! My poor blog has been neglected this month and I have just a few photo's to share with you from last month. I even dug around in my computer thinking maybe some photo's got placed in the wrong spot when I took them off the camera. I guess I was on photo overload from the month of June when we had so many fun events that we took pictures at.

For those of you who haven't heard already from Jack, we are are hosting another Korean exchange student! Her name is Sally and she just joined us on Monday. She is very sweet and is trying to adjust to our time zone since she is 16 hours ahead of us in South Korea. Stay tuned for more info about her and I'll be posting a picture of her when I can. I hope you are each enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school starts!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Fortune ~ Double Coupons, $5.00 Magazine Subscriptions, $20 for a week of meals

As a stay-at-home mom, it's always been my goal to save my family money while shopping for any of our needs. I love finding a good deal! Don't you just love a bargain too!?! With the economy still south, I find that I'm cutting and using coupons weekly, using those gas discounts you get from the grocery stores and searching the ads for what's on sale. Albertson's has been offering several double coupons which I've been taking advantage of. Check the Sunday paper or the grocery ads that are delivered weekly to take advantage of Albertson's double coupons!

Yesterday I came across an online bargain for any of you in need of gifts for family or friends. Amazon has 16 different magazine subscriptions for just $5! They have several other magazine deals as well that you can check out. My personal favorite would be the Country Living subscription. The list price is $10 for the year but when you check-out, the price will be marked down to $5. I did not take advantage of this great deal since I do not have a NEED for a subscription right now nor do I have any Birthdays gifts, etc. to get for others right now. I'm finding that I need to take care of the NEEDS of our family right now and not our WANTS. I'll fill you in on my secret regarding magazines in another post but for those of you interested in this amazing offer, check it out here:

Recently I came across a website that said they made a week of meals for $20. I tried a few of the recipes and the family liked them. The $20 is what they spent to buy groceries that they did not already have at home. Some things were in their pantry but $20! Can you believe that!? I couldn't do it for that price but I saved money trying. I actually found noodles at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 and plan on trying them later this month to see if they taste any different in the Beef Stroganoff recipe. Seeing this blog article really challenged me to give it a whirl and see what I could do to cut some more corners on our grocery bill. You can check out their blog here with the menu and shopping list:

Until next time...happy shopping & good luck finding some great deals to bless your family with!