Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Kitchen Floor!

Had to share our new floor that we had put in on Thursday. We still need to get it all put back together and have some more work done on the back door but we love it! It looks like a totally different room now. Now all I have to do is decide on a paint color! Got any suggestions? Wanted to do a yellow like we had in the old kitchen but now I'm leaning toward a golden orange color. Kind of like a Chai Tea, Nutmeg, or fall orange colors... Take care!

Before picture

After pictures

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who am I?

The girls had their Spring Program this week and did a great job. One of my favorites was a song called "I can't hear you". The first time I heard them sing it at the house, I got on their case and told them they couldn't sing that song. Then, they told me it was for the program. Some of the lines are, "I can't hear you, I can't hear you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah". It was very cute! It was about Goliath and David.

Our favorite of the night though was when the 4th graders did something similar to the video below. Only one of the 4th graders wore gloves and they were a dove (symbolizing Jesus) flying across the stage and picking up the man as he started to fall, etc. The rest of the kids had white paper that was 4x6 inches since they have smaller hands than adults. It was so awesome! I am hoping that Mrs. Solomon will put it online for others to enjoy. If she does, I'll be sure to post it. Enjoy and you may want a kleenex before you watch!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kid Funnies this Week

Kids say the silliest things sometimes. They just come out of left field with questions and such. These are the things that made us laugh and ponder this week.

1) DUST - Earlier in the week we started watching Night at the Museum so I'm sure that's where this question got it's start. In the movie, if anything is left outside the Museum at sunrise they will turn to dust. My Great Grandma has been dying and the girls knew that as well. So, Madison is pondering life and death I guess. Out of the blue, she asks about my parents old dog Skippy. There is a kennel and a dog house in the back yard still and the girls notice something in there and were asking about it and then... Madison said, "Is Skippy dust now?"

2) LIPS - I had not been feeling very well this week and had some kind of a sinus cold. Been watching the girls and asking how they are feeling to see if they were coming down with it. Picked up the girls from school and ask about their days. Madison is pretty quiet and not like her loud, perky self. So, I ask her if she's tired to which she replies, "No but my lips are." Lips? "Did you say lips Madison?" "Yes. My lips are tired. I did a lot of talking today." ;~) Surprise, surprise. Madison did too much talking!

3) FLASHER - We started back up with swimming lessons this month on Tuesday and Thursday's. The girls are having so much fun doing it. Makes for rushed nights though. We hurry home from school and the girls do there homework. At 4:45 we head out the door for lessons and then home around 6ish. Both girls have to shower still, have dinner and be to bed by 8. So, usually on Thursday's we get Papa Murphy's pizza. We are on our way there and the girls want to go it to get the pizza. Well, when we leave swim class, we just have the girls put on their adorable princess bathrobes that their Auntie Kimberly got them over their swimsuits. So anyways, we told them they were in their robes and that they couldn't go in. To which they replied, "We'll just open our robes so people know we have our swimsuits on." I am trying to hold back laughing and then could just not contain myself any longer. All I could picture was a flasher in a trenchcoat. Only, my girls would probably be prancing around casually with their robes open so everyone could see their suits. It was just too funny!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jurassic Park Adventure

You remember the movie!? Well, we got to have our own little Jurassic Park adventure when Katelynn and I went on a field trip earlier this week.

Monday morning was the awards ceremony at school and Katelynn received a certificate for having all A's again. She's such a good student and loves school! Following the ceremony we had to beat feet out of school for her field trip. Course, as we are getting ready for school that morning, it is literally POURING outside and I'm doing a little kicking and screaming on the inside about that! No time for Starbucks either! Bummer!! We were supposed to be at Northwest Trek by 10:00 so we had enough time to catch the 10:30 tram. Needless to say, the class was late since the award ceremony ran long. They held the tram for us though. That was nice of them.

I think we were the first tram out. There was a park truck a way's in front of us and they were feeding the animals so the animals were all out right next to the tram. We got to see Big Horn Sheep, Bison with their new babies, Moose, Trumpeter Swans, Mountain Goats, and Blacktail Deer. It was so cool! But then...

About halfway through our ride, we heard a loud bang. The tram driver thought someone must have shut their window too hard. I thought maybe we just hit one of the Roosevelt Elk that we just past. They took off running from the noise. Another mom thought maybe the tram just back fired. Hmmm...

Shortly thereafter, the tram starts smoking and then it abruptly stops. The driver asks us to remain in the tram. More smoke starts coming from the engine and is now entering the front tram car which Katelynn and I are sitting in. The tram is now starting to smell because of all the smoke billowing inside. It's starting to get hazy inside now. A mother at the front of the tram and the children in her care are ready to get off the tram! We are thinking the same thing. We need to get out of here! The driver cannot get the doors open but is telling us to get off the tram now. One of the girls in my care says to me with wide eyes and looking a little pale, "What about the animals?!?" I can tell she is worried that we could be in danger from them. I assure her that they are more afraid of us than we are of them as I am wondering to myself, "Are there any Lynx or Bears out here?" Course, I missed that little part at the start of the tour stating that there are no meat eaters on the tram tour since it was so loud with all the chatter and excitement. Duh!? You really think they are gonna send a bunch of 3rd graders out into the forest with meat eaters!?! We'll chalk that up to a blond moment!

We finally are able to get the door open and then calmly but quickly make our way to the second and third cars of the tram while we await for another tram to transport us back. Eventually (about 20-30 minutes later!) they send out another tram to get us back to the park. Needless to say, we did not have as much time to spend seeing all of the other animals but we got to have a great adventure!