Monday, November 29, 2010

A Rockin' Christmas

Not your typical Christmas Greeting from our family but the kids love it and Katelynn encouraged me to use that picture of Jack. She was laughing hysterically! Enjoy.
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Looks like this is having a hard time loading! Hopefully some of you will be able to view it...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are you Swagbucking to Christmas?

Have you joined Swagbucks and started earning your free giftcards or other prizes? I joined in April 2010 and to date have earned $75 in Amazon giftcards as well as a $10 Starbucks card that I was able to use on my trip to Texas over the summer. Not bad for just searching the net!! That $75 in Amazon giftcards is a huge blessing to our family and will be used for some Christmas presents this year.

Not sure what Swagbucks is...let me explain a bit. It is a search engine that you can use for searching the net. By searching, you can earn "swagbucks" or points that will accumulate and eventually earn you giftcards or other prizes. You do not earn swagbucks for every search but are awarded swagbucks periodically throughout the day with your searches.

The $5 Amazon giftcard is my favorite and is available for 450 swagbucks. On average, I get 1-2 giftcards a month just for searching and completing what I detail in the following.

You can easily earn 3 swagbucks daily just for completing the Daily Poll, going to Trusted Surveys and also for completing the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). All of these can be found under the Earn tab at the top of the page. You do not have to complete any of the NOSO's to get your swagbuck. You can just skip the offers you are not interested in and after about 4 offers, you will be awarded 1 swagbuck. It just takes a few seconds to complete this.

It's really as easy as it sounds! Just go to Swagbucks to register and then start searching. A couple of tips that will help you out:

1) You can't just do one search after another trying to earn swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine so they want you to do searches but if you just complete one search after another trying to earn swagbucks, then you will temporarily not be able to continue.

2) Complete those items I suggested above under the Earn tab daily to get an easy 3 swagbucks daily!

3) On the home screen, if you scroll to the bottom you will see "Special Offers". Check this every week or so for offer under approximately 5 swagbucks. These are usually quick videos that you can watch to earn a few quick points.

4) Add the free toolbar. It's a visual reminder for you to search with Swagbucks. Also, a couple of times a week, there will usually be a message for you to quickly earn any where from 4 to 12 swagbucks just by entering a code! Watch "From TSG" in the toolbar for messages to earn swagbucks.

5) Read the Swagbucks Blog. You can locate it on the Home page on the left hand side about half way down the page. There are usually 3-4 posts a day and every few days there will be a code in the blog for you to earn swagbucks!

6) Coupons! For all you couponers, Swagbucks has recently added coupons that you can print. After printing and redeeming the coupons, you will have 10 swagbucks added to your account for each coupon!! It will take a few weeks to see the points added to your account though.

Sign up for Swagbucks today and start searching. Wishing each of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TGI Skillet Meals & Dunkin Donuts Coffee DEALS!!

I wanted to share two great deals taking place this week at Target. The first one is an awesome deal that I took advantage of last week but it looks like it's rolling into this week at Target.

Buy 3 TGI Friday’s Skillet Meals on sale buy 2 at $5.99 get one FREE
Total = $11.98
Use the $4/2 Target store coupon found here
Plus, stack with 3 $2/1 coupons from the 9/26 SS or new coupon from the 11/7 SS
Final cost ONLY $0.66 each! What an awesome price!!

To print two Target store coupons, hit the back button after the first coupon prints. I reload my paper the reverse so that I use one piece of paper for both coupons.

We had the Firecracker Sesame Chicken and I was impressed with the packaging. All of the items were packaged separately. We have never had these before and I don't think I would ever buy them but I couldn't pass up on the price for this meal.

We needed two of the meals to feed our family of 4 and I served up some rice on the side as well. Everything tasted really good and my hubbie enjoyed it the most. It was a little spicy for the kids (the rice tamed it down) but that was one of the few I could get. You can't beat the price!

Deal #2 - Centsible in Seattle noted a great deal on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee this week at Target. My caffeine-lovin’ friends needed to hear about it!!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Bags $6.49
Buy (3) and use (3) $1.50/1 coupons from 10/31 Red Plum
Pay: $14.97
Then, get a $5 Target Gift Card!

Bottom line: $3.32 a bag! That beats the price that Fred Meyers had a few weeks back on Seattles Best of $3.99!

Thanks, Centisble in Seattle!

By the way, if you like coffee deals, don’t forget that every Friday in November you can score a free 12-oz Seattle’s Best Coffee at participating Burger King restaurants.

So, print your coupons and RUN to your nearest Target to take advantage of these deals but save some coffee for me! I'm going later today!!